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Repair and Maintenance

With the support of our competent team,  we offer you a specialized manpower (Electro-mechanics, Welders, Machinists, Engineers, Draftmen, Electricians, Electrotechnicians) for your shut-downs, holiday or vacation remplacement. We have a complete insurance to protect you from any bad situation that could occur.

Repair of equipments

Our technicians have all the necessary tools for all your tasks!

We can get to your plant to execute preventive or corrective maintenance  on your production equipments. We are very efficient (time, price and quality) for overhauling any used equipment and trouble-shooting any down-time situation. We can also bring back your equipment to one of our shops for repair.

Our business implemented several Maintenance Management System plateformes (software, excel, outlook, paper, etc.).

Our technicians are available on call 24 / 7.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is often put on the side by the production departments. The time allowed by equipment for preventive maintenance is often short and knowed at the last minute. Therefore, a good preparation is the key for success.

Maintenance Man can help you to put in place a preventive maintenance plan with work orders, parts, associated manpower, scheduled production line stoppage, etc. Everything computerised if needed.

Repair and Maintenance

Our core business is industrial maintenance. We can act has a manpower leasing agency or be part of your whole maintenance program.

With a precise analysis of your maintenance activities, we can suggest the critical spare parts to keep on stock, the major preventive maintenance that you must do and a follow-up of your most recurrent interventions to help you ameliorate your equipment for a future better efficiency.

Maintenance Man have the expertise to evaluate your whole maintenance department and help you to achieve a better mangement with new procedures.

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